Developed by parents, for parents, our mission is to revolutionise travelling with children.

At Seat to Sleep® we understand that sleep is one of the things parents think about most when travelling with children. No sleep ruins the fun for everyone. We want to ensure the whole family arrives at their destination rested and ready for adventure!

As parents with a passion for travel, we have experienced first-hand the challenges of travelling with little ones. That’s why we create tried-and-tested children’s sleep-aid products that are also practical to travel with, comfortable, fun and easy to use . Our online parent community also facilitates the sharing of travel sleep tips to give that extra help.

The Seat to Sleep® Travel Nest (Registered Designs) is a multi award-winning lightweight inflatable cushion, which adapts adult plane seats into a comfy, safe space for children by supporting the head and neck, as well as padding hard arm rests. Soft and malleable to fit any size child from 3-10. The cushion has a silky soft, yet wipe-clean finish, while still being non PVC and environmentally friendly. The Travel Nest is quick and easy to inflate/deflate and comes in a small travel pouch with a bag clip for easy carrying and access.

Our products are designed at every stage to minimise their impact on the environment. We are explorers, innovators and globe-trotters, and we want to leave the world a better place than we found it. We are committed to respecting our planet and the people that work with us. 

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"Seat to Sleep has been a game changer for our family. We often choose night flights for long haul and using Seat to Sleep has meant both my children have been comfortable and safe, cocooned in the comfort of this wonderful product. It’s a must have for travel." 
- Jo, mum of 2